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About Pops Jones Media

I established Pops Jones Media after working as a freelance web developer since 2014. Despite proudly working in healthcare for over 25 years, my passion for technology and coding was always present. As a team, we are always driven to master new technologies and techniques, and to pass the latest trends and best practices on to our clients. I see web development as a creative endeavor, and an outlet for that process is the ideal form of mindfulness.

Web Design

There are plenty of options for creating your web presence, but not all of them are created equal. I will walk you through a multi-step process that includes consultation up front to help you make an educated decision about your needs. At the end of the consultation, together we will have identified your most important goals for your project. Next, I will make some initial recommendations, and send you a plan within 24 hours that you can review. Before starting on the build, clear timeframes will be delineated, along with everything that is included, so there are no surprises. Your website should speak to your brand, create the impression you want to give to your customers or visitors, and be a place you can send anyone to with pride.

Database Solutions

Let's face it - we are surrounded by data, and it drives much of what we do, how we work, and what we see whether we are aware of it or not. Having a database with crucial data that helps drive your business is not a novel option anymore. You need data to plan the growth of your brand, to see in real time what is working, to track customers so you can keep in touch with them, or even to drive your online commerce. We will develop a strong plan for how you can collect data, access it, and use it in meaningful ways to achieve your business goals and drive your growth.

E-Commerce Solutions

Even if you have a brick and mortar presence, you may need an alternative revenue stream from your online presence. Having this convenient option available to your clients and customers will add to your bottom line. We can customize an e-commerce solution for you, or assist you in getting set up with an existing solution.